Lapis Luzuli Crystal Power Bracelet

Blue Lapis Lazuli Power Bracelet – Throat Chakra.


This is a lovely Crystal Power Bracelet made from Lapis Lazuli Crystals.  Lapis is known for its vibrations that target Throat Chakra Balancing.  Blue Lapis Lazuli is ideal to be worn when Public Speaking, or Communicating via the Arts, through painting and creating.  Throat Chakra balancing involves protection and removal of fear related to speaking ones truth with power, positivity and grace.  Chakra Crystals can be used in Reiki and Crystal Healing Practices or for their vibrational assistance and beauty.  Lapis Lazuli, is like having little spheres of the ocean… calming, protective and supportive.  This bracelet comes in one size fits most… stretchy style.

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Throat Chakra


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